Is there a cost involved?

No. There are absolutely no upfront or hidden costs throughout the entire process.

When do applpications open?

More details on the next Unsigned Music Awards will be coming soon.

What qualifies as Unsigned?

As you can imagine, this question popped up very early on and required a lot of thought from the Unsigned Music Awards team.

For the purpose of the Unsigned Music Awards, and in line with the generally accepted definition of Unsigned that refers specifically to record deals, we define Unsigned as meaning any artist that does not have a record deal with a third-party record label.

  • - You may still qualify if you have a management deal, publishing deal or a booking agent.
  • - You may still qualify if you have been ‘signed’ in the past but are no longer signed to a record label.
  • - You may still qualify if you release your own music under the identity of your own independent record label.

Why do I need a video to apply?

You may have noticed that we require a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video to be included with your UMA Application.

It is important that our judges are able to fully experience you as an artist and are able to get a feel for your style, image and your performances wherever possible. This is not something that can be captured from an audio file alone.

The UMAs are designed to recognise and reward the hard working unsigned music community and we feel that videos are equally-as-important as recordings when showcasing your music and building your audience.

If you don't have a video or are in the process of making one, why not record a little something to upload in the meantime. It won't take you long and applying a couple of days later won't hurt.

Thanks to smartphones, it is easier and more afforable than ever before to record a video and share it online. Even if it's just you playing in your bathroom, this is perfect, because we get to expereicne you at your most honest.

What kind of video should I submit?

Firstly, it's important to note that the video must contain original material, and not a cover.

Think of the video as an extension to the songs you are submitting. You can submit an official music video, a live performance or a home recording.

Ultimately, it's up to you how you want to be seen by our judges, and what you feel most confident in submitting.

Can I edit my application once submitted?

Due to the high number of applications that we receive on a daily basis, we are unable to edit applications once they have been submitted.

Once submitted, your application is published on our judges voting section (behind the scenes) and cannot be altered.

For this reason, we ask you not to rush your application and to ensure that you are happy with the content you upload.

If you are in the studio and think you'll have better recordings in a few weeks time, wait a while before applying.

The date on which you apply will not affect your application, and we guarantee that every application will be seen by our judges, so don't worry.

What do the winners receive?

As well as the opportunity to have their music heard by our panel of high-profile industry professionals (Voting Panel), we are creating a pool of services and opportunities alongside key music industry partners that will help to further the careers and aid the future success of our winners. This pool includes managers, labels, booking agents, artist development agencies, publishers, sync agencies, equipment endorsements and many more.

We don’t believe that there should be a set prize for each category, and so we have chosen to operate a liaison between the winning artists and our partners following the event to ensure that everyone gets the absolute best from what we have to offer.

Who can be nominated for an Award?

Everyone that has something to shout about. The Unsigned Music Awards are here to represent the hard-working, independent music community, so whether you’re still in the early stages, or days away from breaking, this is open to you.

I’m outside the UK, can I apply?

The Unsigned Music Awards are based in the UK, with a UK Awards ceremony and a UK-based television broadcast. For this reason, the majority of our Awards are only open to applicants currently residing within the UK.

However, there are two award categories open to international artists, so if you are from outside of the UK, these will be the ones for you. They are, Best International Music Video and Best International EP / Album / Record.

Are there any age restrictions?

Our Awards are open to those aged 11 and over. Most of our categories are reserved for those aged 18 and over, however, if you are aged between 11 and 17 you will be eligible for the Youth Music Award.

What if one of my band members is under 18?

If the majority of your band or group are aged 18 or over, you are eligible to apply for most of our categories; if the majority of your band or group are aged 17 or under, then you must apply for the Youth Music Award that has been designed especially for 11 – 17 year olds in support of the National Foundation for Youth Music.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets to the next event will be made available later this year

Can I apply for more than one Award?

Yes, you can nominate yourself for up to four categories. To begin the application process, please click here:


Can I nominate someone else?

Not really. Each application requires a handful of questions to be answered by the nominee and then to upload their music for which the person applying must have full ownership and/or the rights to distribute. A representative (artist manager) may be in a position to nominate their artists if they comply with the above.