"We believe that awards in music should no longer be reserved for a selection of elite, well established, international recording artists that have the funding, support and weight of major record companies behind them."


Introducing the first-ever televised music industry awards show dedicated exclusively to unsigned artists.

The Unsigned Music Awards champion the achievements of some of the most outstanding artists, who are yet to be discovered, or have chosen to remain proudly independent.


If you are - or know of - an unsigned artist that deserves an award for outstanding achievements in music, nominations can be submitted right here.

We recommend artists to nominate themselves as there’s a short questionnaire we invite them to fill out regarding their musical journey to date.


The Unsigned Music Awards operate a transparent and fair voting system, designed to narrow down the entries through the most open-minded, impartial and objective evaluation process possible, across all genres. The process involves an online application form and a voting panel consisting of more than 80 expert music industry professionals.


Our selection of carefully crafted award categories are here to recognise and reward the accomplishments of an entirely new collection of elite artists, from an entirely new perspective.

We focus on the unsigned industry as a whole; awarding Engineers, MusicPreneurs, Innovation, Songwriting, Live Performances and more...


I’m outside the UK, can I apply?

The Unsigned Music Awards are based in the UK, with a UK Awards ceremony and a UK-based television broadcast. For this reason, the majority of our Awards are only open to applicants currently residing within the UK.

However, we can tell you that there will be an Award category for International artists, so if you are from outside of the UK, this will be the one for you.